Client Reviews

“Eric is my go-to guy for Internet marketing. He’s been in the business for years, both in corporate settings and as a consultant, and can be counted on for straight, thoughtful counsel. In addition to trusting his expertise for my own needs, I have referred several of my clients—both established and startup—to him and will again. In a field in which it’s easy to claim expertise, Eric is the real deal.”
—Greg K., Technical Writer

“Fresh Start Media not only built us a website but put us on the map. I truly appreciate that they allowed us to pay over time and worked with us when things got tight. I’ll never forget that.”
—Frank B., Plumber

“What got my attention was that they didn’t try to sell or promise me anything, but explained exactly what we had and how we could improve it. It was apparent they weren’t reading from some script but had done their homework before calling me. I appreciate their honest, direct approach. Our business is up 30% over the prior year.”
—Mike D., Heating and Air conditioning

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