Good Stuff to Know

We wanted to incorporate some information for do-it-your-selfers as there are definitely some things you can do to help your business show up better online. If you have a lazy teenager looking for something to do that doesn’t require physical activity, this may be just the ticket. Family bonding is good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you read some of the questions we get asked during a typical week, if you are ever suspicious of a telemarketer, it means you have good instincts. We will not charge you for our time.. We’d like to earn your trust so one day we might work together. It is also likely that we’ll save you from making a mistake because some of you are a little gullible.

1. Google called me.
Not likely. You have a better chance of getting a call from the Pope. Please get the number of the person who called you and either text to number at top of website or email using contact for. We’ll report back with who they really are, what they want and how much they are charging. It’s our free service.

2. Should I have a Facebook business page?
The honest answer is it depends. Sometimes, it can be very helpful to engage and provide useful information but you have to commit to it being consistent.

3. What do you think of Home Advisor?
Our personal opinion is that it sounds very good for those that are just starting out or have a slow stream of customers. They charge per lead and send them to many competitors. So it’s like playing jeopardy and having to hit the buzzer first. Except, you may get charged for the lead regardless of whether you get the customer or not.

4. Someone called and said our local listings are incomplete.
I’m sure they did. You could ask them how it is complete and what is wrong with it and to email us so we can look into it for you. 75%of the time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your local listing. You may need to add some images to spiff it up a little bit but most of the time, it is a telemarketer trying to hit their quota.

Do it Yourself

Take pictures of what you do.

Posting on your local listings.

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