Blogging is often misunderstood as a business tool as it began by individuals writing about travel, cooking and recipes, technology or  political events much like an editorial. But blogs for  small business owners  are an excellent way to get your products or services to show up in Google search results, creating more exposure and visibility for your business.  When that link is clicked, it brings them to your website for more information and hopefully generates a query on the contact form or a phone call.   When someone is searching for “tankless water heaters”  for example,  a blog on the subject will show up in local search because Google loves fresh content.

Most websites go through very few changes after they are built and so whatever content existied on the pages most likely hasn’t changed in many many years.  Google will crawl your website multiple times a month essentially taking a snapshot to see if there are any changes.  Since most websites are not updated with new information, blogs are a good way to accomplish this.

The same guidlines that apply to optimizing a website, essentially apply to a blog post which means that just writing about something is not nearly enough. The blog post should be close to 300 words, tagged, and categorized.  There is much more to this if you wish your blog to rank high which is why we prefer the WordPress platform. and also specific software to optimize each blog post according to the best of our ability following Google’s guidelines.

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